Who Is Ms. VonDarling?

The answer is below.

Ms. VonDarling

Adding beauty to any occasion.

Tatiana Elizabeth, Founder and Owner of VondarlingXO was a bitten by the beauty bug at an early age. She loved solving beauty problems. As she grew up, her passion led her to the Canadian film and television industry.

In 2015 Tatiana started Vondarling Studio, a boutique beauty studio in Aurora, Ontario specializing in hair extensions, tanning, nails and lash extensions.

When Tatiana was introduced to magnetic lashes, she was bitten again! She loved the idea of a product that provided beautiful full lashes that were easy to apply, did not use harsh adhesives and required no maintenance.

Tatiana looks forward to expanding and including more products that simplify the beauty process for every Darling!



Products/lashes for natural beauties who'd prefer to look like they were born with it, and also includes items that are the absolute easiest to apply/maintain.


The mid range products that are a little more dramatic, but can still be worn daily, depending on the personality.


Products for the glamazon types who like to express themselves with more bold items and styles.
You can find holiday, party, and special occasion lashes/items/styles here.